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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Day with a Wireless Remote Massager

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With our Sync coming soon, we thought we would show you some ways to you can upgrade your day with our wireless remote massager. From a day at the office to the carpool with your kids, life can throw you some stressful situations. Sola has you covered, we don’t want anything to take away all those good vibes you have been cultivating.

Let our friend Dot, guide you to find relaxation...

That work meeting from hell

It may be frowned upon to use a massage wand in a meeting, but let’s face it, you need it. Mostly because this meeting didn’t even need to happen and had nothing to do with you, yet you have to be there.

That weekly phone call with mom

Phone Call with Mom

When are you going to settle down and meet a nice boy? When am I going to get some grandkids? Sound familiar? Yeah we thought so. Grab that wireless remote massager, turn in on and transport yourself to the spa or the beach, getting a massage from a very muscular man. Just say, “okay” a few times and she shouldn’t be the wiser.

Soccer practice with the kids

Soccer Practice with the Kids

You don’t need to be there, but have to be. The kids have been yelling in the car for the entire drive and you feel drained. Take a moment for yourself and grab your wireless remote massager and melt all of it away like a bad dream.

Dating drama

Dating Drama

So you had a date a few nights ago and it was amazing, daring to think this has potential. You’re hoping and waiting every day to hear back from him and nothing. Silence. But you are gorgeous and amazing and gosh darn it we like you! Put down the ice cream and grab your wireless remote massager.

The drama queen friend

Drama Queen Friend

We all like to be there for our friends, but you know one that always has a crisis. You are about to sit down for some serious Netflix binge watching of “How to Get Away with Murder” and you get a text. Yup, her world is collapsing again. Sola Sync time. With you remote wireless massager you will always have a hand free for texting!

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