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Behold the Clitoral Complex

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Sola hop rabbit style vibe, made of smooth siliconeAs a culture, we have made giant strides normalizing discussions of sex and pleasure over the last few decades. This opening up and sharing experiences have in many ways challenged both societal norms and lessened taboos.

As we expand our language around sex and pleasure, have you noticed that often the clitoris is spoken about as if it is a mystery? Often described as a puzzle to solve or requiring a map to discover genuinely. Given how powerfully packed the clit is with delightful nerve endings, let's demystify and explore the deep pleasure center that is the clitoral complex.

Most of us picture the hooded nub above the vaginal opening when we think of the clitoris, and understandably so. The clit is actuality deeper, longer, and more complex than many think, hence the name clitoral complex.

The head that most of us re familiar with, with roughly 8,000 nerve-endings, more nerve-endings than anywhere else in the body, this area is known as the clitoral glans. Capable of powerful pleasure, the clitoral glans is just the tip of the more extensive clitoral complex.

With both external and internal components, the full body of the clitoris is very similar to the shape of a wishbone. Starting with the hooded glans above, the entire clitoral body extends about 4 to 6 cm in most bodies. That external bit we can see connects internally to a slim shaft, then reaches two tendrils that sit over top two vestibular bulbs which run along the sides of the vulva and around the vaginal opening.

With your updated map of the entire clitoral complex, let's explore the orgasmic possibilities it provides. The 8,000 nerves in the clitoral glans connect to a more extensive complex network of over 15,000 more nerve endings. This system offers sensations within the pelvic region, making the clit the nexus of pleasure in bodies that have one.

Clitoral sensations can vary not only from body to body but also experience to experience. We encourage you to use your expanded clitoral map to explore more feeling down the vestibular bulbs, experimenting with touch and pressure, and see if the results are stronger, more intense orgasms!

Sola Hop features three points of vibration, ensuring the entire depth of the clitoris is engulfed in sensation.

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