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Massage: A Practice of Pleasure, Bonding & Healing

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Let’s be honest, real life does not always allow us to engage in explicit sexuality. There are times in life when sex gets set aside to make way for healing from stress, injury, childbirth, illness, or disability.

It’s important to remember that even through the tougher life experiences, it only helps our bodies and relationships when we continue to share expressions of love and bonding.

One of the benefits of giving and receiving massages and affectionate touches with your intimate partner is it inspires the body to produce oxytocin.

What is oxytocin and why is this chemical important to bonding with your intimate partner?

Oxytocin is a feel-good neurochemical that helps us bond, feel safe with others, inspires trust, drives us to be social and seek companionship. Even if a person cannot give a professional quality massage, the act of caring for each other through massage still has plenty of rewards for both partners.

When giving a massage, we recommend going slow. Start with soft, shallower touches and slowly work toward deeper sensations. The thicker the muscle in any given area of the body, the more pressure you can deliver. If your hands become tired, you can keep the massage going by using a massage tool like the Sola Wellness Set

This set includes two different platinum cured silicone massage heads for Swedish or Shiatsu-style massage sensations. The vibration is pressure sensitive and variable to meet your needs. The USB recharging stand sits discreetly on your nightstand and is always ready for spontaneous massage and pleasure sessions.

For solo or partner massage sessions we also recommend the Sola Sync pleasure wand. This wand is lightweight and ergonomically designed to deliver beautiful back massages as well as reaching the pelvis with ease. The remote control means it’s easy to adjust the vibration speeds and functions even while reaching between the shoulder blades. 

Sola Sync is also made of platinum cured silicone and is waterproof, submersible, and easy to clean.

We also encourage you to consider the whole body when giving massages. Don’t forget to massage the scalp, temples, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back (always avoiding the spine), arms, thighs, calves, butt, vulva, shaft and perineum. Massaging your partner's hands is also often overlooked but gentle pressure in the palm while caressing fingers can be an intensely intimate act of bonding.

Seek new positions that fit both the giver and receiver comfortably, like putting your lovers head in your lap, having both partners sit up straight, being on the side of the receiving partner, or sitting on top of the receiver. The more comfortable you both are, the longer the massage and bonding will last.

People arrive at adult stores seeking to connect with their own bodies and to create deeper bonds with their lovers. Here at Sola, we take priding in knowing the products we make can be the perfect tools for healing pain and discomfort through massage.

We like to shine a light on all the ways one can use our products, including massage, self-care, date night, passion, sex, and of course—orgasms!

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