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Sex Toy Lovers Are Smart

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We already knew this, but it's fun to see our survey reinforce how fun and intelligent you are! Thank you to those who participated in our survey.

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Sex Toy Lovers Prove to be Smarter Than You Think

In our online study, Sola lovers reported:

  • They learn about sex by reading books, blogs, and magazines. They also learn through personal exploration, health classes, and pornography.
  • 92.2% know exactly where their G spot is located.
  • 56.3% report their G spot is their favorite erogenous body part.
  • They are unapologetically experienced, sighting 16-25 years of sexual experience.
  • They own ten or more sex toys.
  • Fifty percent love vibration. Fifty percent don't like vibration.
  • 82% enjoy toy play without a partner.
  • 35.9% use toys externally during partner play.


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