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About Us

Sola; it's all about you !  

We at Sola have created a collection that is expressly designed by women for women and their partners in mind. Sola embodies all aspects of function and form that the everyday modern woman needs. Chic, elegant and practical design is our target here at Sola.

We have engineered a truly exceptional products with our consumers in mind. From our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities to our distributors worldwide, our products are treated with the utmost care and undue attention.

We believe that expressing your sexual wellbeing and exploring new depths of relaxation is of utmost importance. Our products here at Sola reflect this ideology. Every function and design feature was created to give our consumers the ultimate massage experience.

Sola is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle. We are truly passionate about adding a little extra happiness into your life through our products. Sola is the perfect way to unwind and destress. 

Try Sola today! Here at Sola, it's all about you