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About Us

Sola; it's all about you!  

We believe that expressing your sexual well being and exploring new depths of relaxation is of utmost importance. Sola products reflect this ideology. We are truly passionate about adding a little extra happiness into your life through our products. 

Who are we?

Sola as a brand and concept belongs to Verna and Eric. Together, through work and love, they have been bringing good things into the world for more than a decade!

Verna is a successful entrepreneur, with a love for developing companies that inspire personal growth and empower people. Eric is a creative visionary with the energy to inspire beautiful products and get them in the hands of people who will enjoy them.

Along with a small collective of highly creative individuals here in New York, and the hard working teams we partner with, Sola was built. We hope our products bring you just as much pleasure as they have brought us!