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FAQ & Warranty


Q: Is Sola body safe?  

A: Yes. All Sola products are body safe and phthalate free. Our premium silicone is non-porous, easily washable, and hypoallergenic.  


Q: Is Sola waterproof?  

A: Yes! Sola is waterproof. Use Sola in the tub, shower, even pool side! NOTE: On any remote controlled product the remote controller is not waterproof. On the Sola Egg, The charging stand is not waterproof.


Q: Can I use Sola if I travel to Europe or Asia?  

A: Yes. Sola comes with a magnetic charging dock that uses an 110V AC/DC adaptor compatible with U.S. outlets. It also comes with a USB charger which means that it works worldwide and there is no need for a voltage converter.


Q: How long does Sola take to charge?  

A: Sola should fully recharge within  2 hours.  


Q: How do I charge the Sola Egg properly ?

A: You can download this detailed guide here.


Q: Does Sola have a warranty?

A: We offer a 5 year warranty with our Sola products. This 5 Year warranty covers your product from any electronic related defects. Be sure to save the store receipt as well as the original packaging. This serves as your proof of purchase. If product fails we will repair or replace the item at our discretion. Misuse, improper storage or attempted repair voids this warranty.

  To Initiate a Warranty Claim

  1. Contact us at providing the below required information:
  • Product number - The product number is located where the barcode is. It starts with SL- followed by 5 or 6 digits
  • Product Registered? - Indicate whether you have registered your product on our site. If yes. Please provide email address or full name you registered the product under.
  • Copy Of The Reciept - Indicating A Sola Product You are claiming
  • Picture Of The Product 
  • Full Name And Mailing Address 
  • Once an RMA number is provided, please ship product in its original packaging if available along with:
    • Legible Store Receipt
    • RMA number printed legibly on the store reciept or on the front of the product packaging.
    • A return address, contact name and an email address so we may provide tracking information once replacement is shipped.Please ship product postage paid to:


Warranty Department

625 South St.

Garden City, NY 11530


Q: Will you exchange the product for another product? 

A: Unless the product giving you trouble has been discontinued by us or if we are out of stock you will receive a direct replacement of the exact product. 

Q: Can I receive a refund?

A: No. We are only processing your warranty. We did not sell to you the product therefore there is no transaction between yourself and our company. You can have a product replaced under our warranty policy. 

Q: How many replacements can I get? 

A: The warranty is only valid for one replacement of current purchased product. Rest assured. Before shipping out a replacement we thoroughly quality check the product. 

Q: How long will it take to process my claim?

A: We try to process claims as quickly as possible. Estimated time frame for your item to move through our replacement process is 3 weeks. It may take longer depending on claim. Please follow our return instructions exactly to avoid any delays or claim being lost.

Q: Do you pay for shipping?

A: Yes. We pay for Shipping the replacement to you. You will pay to have product returned to us so we can process your claim.

Q: Will you honor my claim?

A: Of course! All legitimate claims will be honored. All returns shipped to us in accordance with our policy will be honored. We stand behind our product 100% .We want you to be happy with our product and when you interacting with us. 

Q: I did not include the required RMA form with my return. what happens now?

A: If you did not include the RMA form your claim will either be delayed because it will be much more difficult to track your claim or it will be denied as we could not match up your package with your claim.

Q: The warranty replacement did not include accessories, retail package, manual, etc. why not?

A: When we replace a defective product we only replace the product itself. Accessories [if covered under the warranty] are only replaced if that was the item that was defective. 

If you have any additional questions, please send us an email to