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We are proud to say Sola has been featured on the following consumer review sites: photo of cue
 "The Cue’s lovely pale blue color caught my eye and it’s powerful, rumbly vibration warmed my heart. Awww!" photo of cue
"The Cue is a toy, I’m willing to go so far as to say is not only rumbly, but at certain speeds and patterns, actually achieves that highly coveted distinction of thuddy. Which is not as common of an occurrence as you might think." photo of cue
"If you’re looking to experiment G Spot stimulation the Sola Cue would be a great place to start as it was so bang on the money."
cue recharging cord
"Not only do I recommend the Sola Cue, I feel its worthy of applause. It puts the majority of vibrators out there to shame. It’s body safe, it’s powerful, it rumbles and best of all, it is affordable." photo of cue
"These orgasms have never disappointed in depth, strength, or duration and, to be honest, the only time I was sad with the Cue was when it died on me mid-use from how much I had been *ahem* testing it. Y’know, for science."
ducky'sphoto of cue
"This toy is a stunner!" -Ducky Doolittle
photo of sync
"Consideration and consumer care seems to seep from every contour of the Sola Sync and I am so happy to know that yet another high quality wand has entered the market that offers its own unique take on the classic, much-loved design. The Sola Sync seems especially well-suited to those with mobility or positioning issues, which is especially important to my mind."